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Domestic Mining Machinery Trends brief analysis
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As everyone knows,China is very rich in mineral resources and all kinds of metal ore and non-metallic mineral reserves are considerable. But in the mining process, many minerals have not been fully utilized, and many of the ore mining and processing of concentrate lack of taste, value decreased, resulting in a waste of mineral resources in China. In order to ensure the ore be fully utilized, and mining machinery industry in China manufacture production of a variety of different roles in the continuous development of mineral processing equipment, and strongly improve the mineral processing technology to achieve the selection of a variety of ores and production.

Mineral processing equipment and the development of the beneficiation process is carried out simultaneously, beneficiation process is the dominant mineral processing equipment is the foundation of China's mineral processing industry production equipment performance gradually increase role in promoting the continuous development of the productive forces, the continuous progress of science and technology also contributed to the mutual integration between the manufacturing industry, a variety of equipment to the new structure, new materials, new technologies and new processes endless, mechanical and electrical integration of the mineral processing equipment and automatic control technology to be widely used, to a large extent to promote the innovation of mineral processing equipment and toward the development of energy-efficient direction. 

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