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The Benefits of central bank cutting interest rates for the mining machinery manufacturing industry
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The central bank announced last night: the benchmark interest rates of the financial institutions had been cut down since June 8, 2012. For financial institutions’ one-year deposit rate reduced by 0.25% , the one-year benchmark lending rate dropped by 0.25%, so the other benchmark interest rates and individual housing accumulation fund loan rate would be adjusted accordingly. This is the first time of China’s central bank cutting the interest rates in the 42 months since the decline of the deposit and loan rate by 0.27% from December 23, 2008. During this period the central bank has raised the interest rates for five times, each time by 0.25%.
The behavior of central Bank suddenly cutting interest rates and expanding the interest rate floats, has caused the market to boost the economy in the short-term and the interest rate marketization reform to break the ice. From the industry, the decline of interest rates is not only good for infrastructure, real estate, machinery, building materials, but also for coal, non-ferrous metal resources.
The manufacturing industry of mining machinery is the basis of our country to establish independent country industrial system,which is also the pillar of the national economy. Therefore, the development of mining machinery industry has a great impact on the development of the country. With the national policy guidance in the recent years, China’s mining machinery industry have received a rapid development, which caused our country ranked the line of big powers of producing, consuming and importing the mine machinery.  Product quality, service consciousness and the comprehensive competitiveness of the industry are greatly impoved through the further reform and actively adjustment of the industrial structure and product, the transformation of economic growth mode, strengthening the ability of independent innovation, speeding up the ability of research and development of the high-end mining machinery, mineral processing equipment, crusher equipment and the key parts.
The infrastructure, real estate, machinery, building materials, coal, non-ferrous metals plate are drived by the cutting interest rates of the central bank, at the same time, it certainly will drive a rapid development of our country’s mining machinery manufacturing industry.
 Gongyi Songling Mining Machinery Co., LTD (hereinafter referred to as:Songling mining machinery ) is specilizing in producing crusher, construction waste recycling equipment, building materials, metallurgy, mineral processing equipment. It has been committed to service to the country's infrastructure, real estate, railway construction, building materials production, coal mining, non-ferrous metal refining, etc.

Our company will increase the strength of research & development in the future for the reason of central bank’s cuttiing interest rates, and it will also follow national development planning in order to contribute its own strength to the growth of national development and the promotion of national stability.

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