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China mining machinery need technology innovation.
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Industry insiders saying, China mining machinery general compared with the international advanced level in 15 to 20 years to lag behind. Before reaching the 1990s and contemporary international level of product, its technical sources mostly for after the 1980s introduce advanced foreign technology and technological cooperation with foreign countries, the constant digestion and absorption, improve product. The domestic market products market share ore machine insufficient 80%, in most products imported for big precisioninstrument, and systematic strong products, such as coal winning machine, large efficient separation equipment and broken and grinding equipment and whole section joint roadheader etc. Product.

Mining machinery development would slow

Authorities estimate, China's current economic development in the middle of industrialization, economic development after slanting the terms of speed and, possibly, 5 ~ 10 years time will walk the road of industrialization. In the process of industrialization, mining machinery service areas, including infrastructure two respects, there will be great development, it is mining machinery industry historic opportunity. But mine machine industry technology foundation is not thick, since the reform. and opening, mining machinery field has been on market change in technology as improve product technology level of main ways, will also face foreign competitors, especially foreign competitors in the serious situation of the domestic investing in factories. Some experts predict, mining machinery development would slow, so now began to consider in the post-industrial age mining machinery needs of domestic and overseas market does not calculate early.

Throughout world mechanical design development course, cardinal principle is single product design - standalone product process design - complete sets of equipment design flow chart of the evolutionary process. Under the system in the division of the past, the general mining machinery manufacturing finished only standalone product design and manufacturing, equipment used by professional design process design, standalone products to do by the technology of professional design requirement also proposed and assist factory complete. This has caused equipment factory and equipment use disconnect between departments, their relation is through so-called intermediate users (professional designing institute) to coordinate.

Now the large and medium-sized ore mechanism design department has created enterprise single product design and complete sets of equipment process design functions, thus avoiding the manufacture and use of the enterprise internal disjointed, and will form. a new products to promote the development of technology, the research results of the new technology and promote the product development cycle, easier to meet the mining machinery to large and continuous and automation and intelligent development trend. Mineral resources for mining machinery proposes more concrete, more unambiguous innovation content, that is energy-saving, water-saving, comprehensive utilization type, environmental protection and create safe and comfortable environment for operators of 'fool' type of mining machinery products.

Improve mining machinery industry innovation ability way

In the current mining machinery manufacturing industry each enterprise process design is relatively weak, except in their own conditions good professional field outside organization force into role as soon as possible, should take and foreign companies and domestic professional design institute established different forms of joint, including buildup group, association, the introduction of technology, introduce talents, at least the way such in a project for the joint design method was adopted, first intervention in boosting get win-win, and they mostly the result is bad to bid's difficult match at.

Establish, supplement and complete advantage professional applications laboratory, products, manufacturing process and process technology application technology research. This has been mining machinery industry's weak link, no application technology research data and database, failed to persuade customers using our products and technology, at the same time is also far from the real innovation technology. The laboratory shall be properly considered perfect and new high starting, based on practical, including test theory, test methods, test equipment, test scale and control and testing technology, etc, when necessary should introduce the foreign advanced technology.

The domestic and foreign relevant institutions of higher education is not only the mining machinery technology, the cultivation of talents, and is mining machinery theory and experiment technology research origin, is mining machinery application technology research pilot person. Therefore, mining machinery industry innovation ability the enhancement by means of its power, and must be they take different forms of joint and cooperation, in order to accelerate mining machinery industry innovation ability raise pace.

In recent years, ore machine industry each enterprise are adopted to attract talents and keep talents and talents 'charge' of practical measures, and got certain effect. Each enterprise's finances also have different improved, but the situation and business opportunities requirements, but time urgency to the extent of compressed unbearable. Improved ore machine innovation ability of the scheme, there are people, money does not equal innovation ability has been improved. Speaking from the technical level, so as to shorten the cycle of experimental study. So, for the time problem to have a proper measure.

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