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Mining mechanization hot ascension of Mining machinery development
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Henan gongyi songling  mining machinery Co., LTD. since the company was founded, enterprises with advanced modern management system seiko produced, the independent innovation, collected a batch of technology elite, the company long-term and the domestic and foreign research unit cooperation, has introduced the domestic and international advanced technology and process, has been formed jaw crusher, the sand machine, hammer, vibrating screen, feeding machine,ball mill  rotary kiln , etc. Series of products, high technology content, high reliability, low maintenance costs, make our products has been in a leading level, which have been exported to Russia, the Middle East, Africa, southeast Asia and other countries.
In the current environment, economic development demand for energy is more urgent than ever before, and the needs of a mine construction and mining equipment market climax of "hot" particularly noticeable.
In the national stimulating domestic demand policy, under the support of most of the enterprise take the structure adjustment, strengthen the competitive power of characteristic advantage industry at home and abroad, and constantly open up the market, prompting juki industry is still maintained a fast and steady growth.
Since always, coal-based China's energy structure decides the construction of large coal mine, and now the government thought in an unprecedented attention high efficiency and energy saving of the environment, construction of large open-air coal mine will be China's energy construction point one of the development direction. As countries to strengthen the construction of the mine resource efforts, the boom of the mining construction is to mining equipment all big manufacturers to provide a good market opportunities. China's mining equipment production enterprise, such as crusher enterprise, but also are taking measures for the mining construction cake to share more share.
The current our country in the south in coal mine enterprises mechanization level relative low some, but on the whole, mining machinery large compound mining equipment will be even more widely used. Mining machinery technology equipment level of ascension, will promote the modernization of the coal mine enterprises, improving continuously, m&a continuously strengthen production safety. Mining machinery is on peak, China coal resources integration, not more of the marketing of the like confined in the provinces within. It is more advantageous to the coal enterprise m&a gain greater development.
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