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Environmental Protection Idea must be stressed on in production
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Environmental protection is quite familiar to everyone; even the kindergarten children know that “we should try our best to protect our motherland”. Environment is very important to people just like the air to people, even though we do not feel the exit of it, we cannot live without it.

It was commonly believed that the development of economy and environmental protection is a contradictory issue. If we want to protect the environment, we have to limit the development of economy; we develop the economy at the expense of the damaging our environment. Which is more important? The prosperity of our country cannot go without the development of economy; the existing of human being cannot go without comfortable environment. From the perspective of the original and basic condition of existence, environment is more important. However, in the times where social advancement and rapid development of technology, we will be eliminated by society without strong economic strength. This requires that we should not only develop economic but also protect environment.

The heavy industry does great harm to the environment, but it is the pillar of the economic; therefore, the top priority is to solve the environmental problems caused by heavy industry. The development of mining machines is one of the direct branches in heavy industry; enhancing the environmental protection in mining exploitation and following the sustainable development are the fundamental solution to the environmental issues caused by heavy industry. Taking effective measures and strictly controlling the mining pollution, land destruction and soil erosion caused by the mining exploitation, which will minimize the environment costs of utilization of mineral resource. We should adhere to the principle of “Those who develops should be responsible for protecting, those who pollutes should deal with it” and resolutely implement the system of land rehabilitation. We must regard environmental protection in mining areas as the important content of mining’s supervision and management and realize the consistency between mining exploitation and environmental protection, comprehensive treatment and sustainable.

It is very important to formulate environmental protection policy. Selecting the environmental-friendly equipment is the concrete manifestation of putting the environmental protection theory into practice. Efficient and energy saving equipment can not only meet the production needs but achieve the effect of environmental protection, which can be called “kill two birds with one stone”. Henan gongyi songling  Machinery Co., Ltd,is the professional manufacture in producing the technical environment-friendly mining machines. Welcome all of you to visit our factory and select your ideal equipment.

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