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Songling advise for the purchase skills of cone crusher
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cone crusher is one of the widely used crushing equipment, it is mainly classified into high efficiency hydraulic cone crusher and spring cone crusher. Cone crusher is mainly used to crush various ores and rocks of medium and high hardness. Cone crusher can be classified into the short head and standard type, they are generally used for crushing medium or finer hardness material. Cone crusher can also be classified into fine, medium, coarse, super coarse type based on the spring in the crushing cavity can be divided into four types.

In the face of so many types of cone crusher, we should make careful comparison in choosing a cone crusher. In order to choose the more practical equipment, there are several suggestions.
First of all, when choosing a cone crusher to look at the feed particle size and layout size a principle. Because the greater the feeding intensity, the coarser the product. So you can choose the coarse or super coarse type cone crusher according to the classification principle declaring above.

Secondly, when choosing a cone crusher it is particular about the lining selection. In the selection of lining board you should consider three factors: the yield, consumption, wear resistance of the liner.

The last, in general,according to the feed particle size distribution, materials less than the closed side discharge opening must not be more than ten percent, if it is more than the percent, the consumption will be increased, the granularity of product will change accordingly, which will not reach the original required effect.

In order to ensure the normal operation of the machine, improving the working efficiency and saving the extra expenses, we should pay attention to the following two points in the process of operating:
One, in the working process of the cone crusher achieve uniform feeding.
Two, ensure the a iron removing device, so that it can prevent iron material entering the bin to protect the crushing cavity from damaging.

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