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Mill balls and water influence the efficiency of ball mill
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Mill balls and water influence the efficiency of ball mill



How to enhance the efficiency

  •      To amplify effective volume
  •     To increase filling rate and rotating speed rate
  •     To transform the shape of the grinding medium


The mill ball plays important role during grinding process.

How to adjust the proportion of mill balls in  mining ball mill machine?

  •  Keep the ball capacity and proportion reasonable.The limestones are transfered into thick liquid under the force of hit,extruding and grinding  by mill balls.It's difficult to reach the degree of finess cause of the shortage of ball capacity.

  • We will monitoring the ball capacity by keeping watch on the current of main motor of ball mill for sale .Balls are added once the current is down obviously.It indicated that mill balls with big diameter are usually added,so that the wear down balls will be reused as other models.Balls will be added after running for a period which are generally 3 months.

Water and the efficiency

Too much water make the raw material disperse, leading to little touching between balls and materials. The impact force is weaken,so that the grinding efficiency is lower.  Water is overless, it's not easy to form flowing slurry.

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